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October 2016 construction update

Crews have been hard at work and you’ll start to notice some changes on your next visit to Union Terminal, starting with the view of the fountain. The landscaping around the fountain has been removed so crews can prepare for extensive waterproofing repairs. Remember, the fountain and plaza are actually the roof of a significant portion of the mezzanine and lower levels of Union Terminal. Once inside the building you’ll notice we’ve completed construction on the temporary lobby and have begun adding some bits of Cincinnati Museum Center flair to it. There’s even a window so you can peek into the Rotunda for a look at the mosaics and a glimpse of the action behind the scenes. Here’s a look at what you can expect next.

Upcoming Workoctober-2016-construction-map
1. As we update our mechanical systems in an effort to make the building more efficient to operate and increase overall climate control, crews are rerouting ductwork to appropriate areas. This will set the stage for crews to replace systems in the coming months.
2. Masonry work on the exterior of the building continues as masons work with historic preservation architects to clean and repair limestone. Limestone that is severely cracked or damaged will be removed and replaced with limestone of the same color and finish.
3. Caulking and sealant that has been used in joints between limestones will be removed and replaced with mortar matching that of the building’s original mortar. This involves removing caulk from miles and miles of joints on the exterior of the building.
4. As we restore the Losantiville Dining Room, originally a dining space with a serpentine lunch counter, crews have removed the carpet to reveal the terrazzo tile beneath. After the carpet and glue are removed, the original floor will match the color and pattern of the Rotunda’s terrazzo floor but with the outline of the serpentine counter clearly visible.

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