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November 2017 construction update

The restoration of Union Terminal is now just a year away from completion but crews are busier than ever. Colder temperatures are beginning to shift the work inside but there is still plenty being accomplished on the exterior before winter fully arrives. Here’s a look at what crews are working on this month.

Upcoming Work 

  1. Crews are beginning to clean the iconic tile mosaics that adorn the north and south walls of the grand Rotunda. The glass tiles that make up the mosaics will be cleaned using a mild detergent and the painted stucco of the sky and foreground will be patched and repaired as needed. Crews will simultaneously continue cleaning the plaster bands of the Rotunda above the mosaics.
  2. Historic light fixtures from the north and south ramps (now the Museum of Natural History & Science and Cincinnati History Museum, respectively) have been removed for restoration offsite. During their restoration, these fixtures will be updated with long-lasting and energy efficient LED bulbs. These light fixtures include traffic signals used to direct bus and taxi traffic through the ramps. Each light fixture has been individually numbered and cataloged utilizing a QR code system to ensure they are reinstalled in their proper location.
  3. Masonry work on the parapet walls over the railroad tracks in the rear of the building has shifted to the north side of Union Terminal. Crews are carefully removing the chevron-patterned brick details to expose the structural steel underneath. The chevron-patterned bricks are meticulously documented due to the complicated shape and position of each brick, allowing them to be reassembled properly.
  4. Crews are beginning to rebuild the fountain by pouring the concrete bowl of the fountain. The bowl will essentially form the skeleton of the fountain in preparation for the reinstallation of historic stone and terrazzo finish next spring.
  5. Due to construction activity that will disrupt public access, the Duke Energy Children’s Museum is temporarily closed through spring 2018.

Number to Know: 15,000 – Approximately 15,000 tons of gravel is being placed back onto the plaza deck to create the base for the new landscape and hardscape (sidewalks, driveway, fountain basin) surfaces. This gravel is the latest step of the plaza waterproofing process, covering layers of fabric, tar, plastic liner and insulation board.

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