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November 2016 construction update

We reached an important milestone in the restoration of Union Terminal this October as we replaced the aging electrical switchboard with new, custom-built panels. The new panels measure 45 feet long, 9 feet tall and over 4 feet deep. They carry 480 volts and 8000 amps, more than 40 times that of your typical household electrical panel. The electrical upgrade is the first critical step in updating aging electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. Here’s a look at what to expect next.

Upcoming Worknovember-2016-construction-map
1. Demolition of office spaces and portions of the Museum of Natural History & Science and Cincinnati History Museum continues on the Mezzanine and Concourse levels. This includes removing and replacing some walls to enhance the guest experience and flow.
2. Crews are beginning to clean the front window panels of Union Terminal’s Rotunda. The windows and the surrounding metalwork will be thoroughly treated and cleaned to remove dirt, grime and biological growth.
3. Ice storage tanks, state-of-the-art when they were installed in the early 1980s, will begin to be replaced as the mechanical yard in the rear of the building is updated with new systems for conditioning of the facility.
4. Crews are currently working in the south mechanical room to remove the existing HVAC equipment in preparation for the installation of new systems.
5. By mid-November, scaffolding is expected to be erected on the north and south drum walls in preparation for brick and masonry repairs. The drum wall is the curved wall just beneath the dome on the rear and sides of the building.

Number to know: 35,000 – There is approximately 35,000 lineal feet of joints between limestone blocks and bricks across the entire exterior of Union Terminal filled with caulking that crews are currently working to remove. That’s nearly 6 ½ miles of joints being meticulously cleaned out to be filled with mortar to restore the original look and makeup of the building exterior.

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Classroom and exhibit spaces will be redesigned in a way that increases the the connection between the two. Aging systems, once state-of-the-art, will be updated to increase building efficiency. Outdated heating, cooling and electrical systems will be replaced to make the building more efficient to operate. Masonry on the exterior drum wall will be removed in order to repair the steel underneath.