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March 2018 construction update

Every day, nearly 350 workers are wiggling between walls, climbing scaffolding and walking across rooftops as they weld steel, run electrical wires, clean historic artwork and install windows at Union Terminal. With just eight months remaining in the historic restoration of Union Terminal, some projects are moving into their final stages, paving the way for other trades to begin work in those areas. Coordinating several trades spread across almost 25 acres of the job site has been a monumental logistical undertaking. Here’s a look at what those various crews are working on this month.

Upcoming Work

  1. The final concrete trucks are rolling onto the plaza to finish pouring concrete for the fountain. The 8,000-square-foot fountain required 450 cubic yards of concrete to recreate the iconic scalloped cascades and basins. With the concrete base poured, the fountain will next be waterproofed before a finishing layer of green terrazzo is applied on top and historic stone is placed around it.
  2. In the rear of the building, the meticulous disassembly of the west wall continues. The wall was originally built when 400 feet of the concourse was demolished in the 1970s. The wall is being rebuilt steel reinforcements. The complicated project is taking place in contained scaffolding in close proximity to an active rail line.
  3. Inside the building, crews are cleaning and polishing the red Verona marble throughout the Rotunda, concourse and north and south ramps with a mild detergent and ample amounts of elbow grease.
  4. As work continues on the installation of a new elevator servicing the lower level, holes are being cut in the concourse and mezzanine floors to complete the elevator shaft structure. In the Museum of Natural History & Science, a new elevator shaft has been completely installed and the elevator carriage itself is being installed this month.
  5. Art conservators are wrapping up work on the glass tile mosaics in the Rotunda and concourse. The mosaics, covering over 6,400 square feet, were cleaned and repaired, with missing tiles replaced and cracks in the painted stucco stabilized or patched.

Number to Know: 2,400 – To recreate the seven-tiered scalloped cascades of the fountain, crews are using 2,400 cubic feet of high-density foam forms. The forms are computer-cut into the relief shape of the scallops and, once in place, concrete is poured into the forms to create the fountain’s unique features.

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