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July 2016 construction update

After more than a year of planning, intensive design work and thorough probing and analysis by preservation architects, the real construction work on Union Terminal is underway. The restoration of a Union Terminal requires a keen understanding of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and history as modern construction and engineering techniques blend with early 20th century materials and design to save iconic Union Terminal.

Upcoming Work
1. The first step in any construction project is to secure the site and ensure the safety of all workers and visitors. Crews will begin to construct fencing around the exterior of the building. This will necessitate a change in the traffic pattern for drop off at the front of the building. Vehicles will not be able to access the main entrance but may drop off guests at the base of the fountain before parking in the north lot.

2. Many of the artifacts, scientific specimens and exhibits have been moved out of the Museum of Natural History & Science and Cincinnati History Museum but some larger pieces were unable to be moved. Construction will start on shelters to protect areas like the Cave and Cincinnati in Motion during the restoration project.

3. A temporary lobby will be constructed in the Rotunda to allow visitor access while the building undergoes restoration. Scaffolding will form a framework for the lobby before walls and a ceiling are added.

4. Cranes will move into place at the rear of the building as scaffolding systems are erected to allow crews to safely move from roof level to roof level on the exterior of the building.

5. Scaffolding will begin to crisscross the front of Union Terminal as crews begin the process of restoring the limestone. Those black streaks you see on the limestone aren’t dirt. They’re actually gypsum, a new mineral formed by a chemical reaction as acid in rain water reacts with the limestone. It’ll take a similar chemical reaction to remove it.

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