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August 2018 restoration update

Crews are focused on the details this month as historic features once again begin to punctuate the plaza and exterior of Union Terminal. Historic flagpoles are returning this month at the top of the parking lots, the marquee’s metal facial panels have been cleaned and restored and are being reinstalled and multi-tone architectural concrete matching the original color and pattern is being poured around the fountain and plaza. Inside, the temporary lobby will begin to be disassembled, giving guests a peek once again at the restored Rotunda and iconic mosaics.

Here’s a look at how else crews are working to restore Union Terminal this month.

Upcoming Work

  1. Terrazzo application continues on Union Terminal’s historic fountain, part of the finishing touches before it’s filled with 44,000 gallons of water. The green pigmented terrazzo and marble chips are being applied over a two-layer polyurea waterproofing system that will protect the fountain structure from future water penetration.
  2. After a year of repairs and restoration, the red neon hands and updated mechanism of the building’s clock will be reinstalled this month. The clock has spent months in the hands of the Verdin Company where its gears and mechanism have been updated and balanced with the restored hands. New red and amber glass will fill the 18-foot diameter frame.
  3. Scaffolding crawls more than seven stories along the front interior wall of the Rotunda for plaster removal and repair. Existing acoustic plaster will be removed and replaced with a more effective material that will enhance the acoustics of the Rotunda without depriving it of the iconic echo of the whispering fountains.
  4. The rebuild of Union Terminal’s west wall at the back of the concourse continues as masons build a concrete block backup wall more than 40 feet above the ground. From the outside in, the wall will consist of exterior face brick, a concrete block wall with steel reinforcements woven throughout and, finally, structural steel that has been painted and fireproofed.
  5. The roof of the current Amtrak truckway ramp that guides passengers and luggage to the train platform is being repaired. A new waterproofing liner covers the ramp’s flat roof and new copper flashing will soon be applied on the roof caps to prevent water from penetrating the masonry.

Number to Know: 5,200 – Crews are applying 5,200 pounds of SonaKrete to the Rotunda’s front interior wall. SonaKrete is an acoustical finish that will be mixed with 1,800 gallons of binding agent in a closed system and sprayed onto the wall before it is repainted with the wall’s silver highlights.