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August 2017 construction update

With warm weather and clear skies, nearly 260 crew are working outside, inside, above and below Union Terminal every day. As work wraps up in one area it begins in another, with multiple projects ongoing simultaneously across the building. Four to five cranes are scattered around site, moving bricks to rebuild walls and lifting new mechanical equipment into place. Repaired glass with new glazing is being reinstalled on the front of the Rotunda and in the wings of the building. Roofers are braving the summer heat on the roofs of the building’s south wing, working level-by-level down the three-tiered roof to replace and reinsulate the roofs.

Here’s a look at what else you can expect to see in the coming months.

Upcoming Work

  1. The Woods exhibit area of the Duke Energy Children’s Museum will temporarily close on August 14 to accommodate mechanical and electrical upgrades. The previous theatrical ceiling of the Woods area will be removed for the installation of new ductwork and electrical conduit. This necessitates portions of the exhibit to be removed and rebuilt when the work is completed. The Woods exhibit will reopen in late November 2017.
  2. Union Terminal’s iconic clock is undergoing repairs. The red hands have been removed for repair and rebalancing. The glass panels on the clock face are being reglazed. The Verdin Company, a Cincinnati-based company with a 175-year history, will remove the gears and counterweights that operate the clock for repairs at their facility.
  3. Crews will begin cleaning the Rotunda’s yellow, orange and silver plaster this month.
  4. With significant portions of the fountain and plaza removed, crews are waterproofing the roof deck to prevent future water penetration into the Duke Energy Children’s Museum and Dalton Street tunnel below.
  5. After several months, the rebuild of Union Terminal’s drum wall is nearly complete. The drum wall, which sits just below the curved half dome on the rear of the building, is being reinforced with concrete blocks replacing the original cracking terracotta tile. Those concrete blocks are reinforced by steel rods running vertically and horizontally through them. Those steel rods are tied into steel plates welded onto the structural steel. Original exterior brick is being reapplied to complete the drum wall.

Number to know: 18 – The clock on the face of Union Terminal measures 18 feet in diameter, with an hour hand 6 feet 4 inches long and a minute hand measuring 7 feet 4 inches.

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